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Our history

SizeTen is a long-time team that has been passionate about sneakers of all kinds, multiple varieties, and top brands since the 80s.

The sneaker, a fashion phenomenon? The sneakers were certainly designed first of all for playing sports, but over time they have become everyday sneakers. Today, it has even become a fashion accessory that can be found everywhere and also on the catwalks of the greatest fashion designers around the world!

The big dates of the sneakers:
1917 – Creation of the basketball with a rubber sole, the “Keds”
1918 – Creation of the first Converse
1948 – Creation of the Puma brand
1949 – Creation of the Adidas brand
1971 – Creation of the American brand Nike
1977 – Invention of Air technology (Nike)
1982 – The first pair exclusively for women is signed Reebok
1985 – Nike signs a partnership with Michael Jordan (Air Jordan 1)

It is a market that ranges from sports practice to urban models and luxury brands. The word “sneaker” comes from the English verb to sneak which means “to move and SizeTen is the best way to move.

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